Salsa suspended.


It is with much regret that Casa Cubana is suspending its weekly Thursday night salsa classes and social dancing at the Italian Club, from and including this Thursday the 19th. Salsa at Salamanca every Saturday outside Machine Café is also suspended, as are the Launceston road trip and transition block course, until further notice.

With the current COVID-19 virus around the world and now in Tasmania, our feeling is that we all need to act to reduce the spread of this infection. For a virus that is spread by respiratory droplets, contact from surfaces and clothing, and from close proximity with other people, salsa dancing would pose a high risk of transmission if and when it comes into our midst. National guidelines recommend keeping your distance and not meeting in large groups. Suspending classes is one extra step we can take to help keep our community safe.

Although we will miss dancing with you all, our hope is that we can stay safe and resume dancing once this whole thing blows over. Keep an eye out on our facebook page for when things resume…..hopefully in the not too distant future!

The Casa Cubana Crew
Nick, Pip, Michael, Brad, Zoe, Makrina, Imma, John, James, Nenagh, Nik

2 thoughts on “Salsa suspended.

  1. Hello,
    There seems to be no recent information regarding Salsa Dance classes. Are classes still Suspended??
    Can you please update me.
    With Kind Regards,
    Matthew Lillas

    1. Hi there!
      Yes salsa classes are on as usual on Thursday nights at the Italian club, federal st north hobart. Beginners classes at 8 ($12), social dancing at 9. See you there!

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