Intermediate rueda de casino – Week 2

Moves/turns covered in week 2 of the course:

Por mi, por ti Example

Enchufla con mambo Example – Without the back steps!

Sombrero con mambo Example – without the back steps, and dropping the hands!

Sombrero con mambo complicado Example

Sombrero malecon Example at 0.22 mins

Espresso Example

Saca la vecina Example

Girasol (Enchufla, guys join hands in middle, raising backwards and forwards while girls weave in and out)


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Intermediate rueda de casino – Week 1

Moves/turns covered in week 1 of the course:

Cambia pareja (changes couples) Example

Dame pa’tras Example

Dame caramelo (Give me candy  – dame with left hand turn, dile que no 360)

Rebotar (rebound/bounce) Example (at 0.7 mins and called “damela directo”)

El plato (plate – enchufla with turn and clap on 7 for leader)

Enchufla con cero

Dame y no le llegues (dame and don’t arrive)

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Introduction to rueda de casino – Week 1

Moves/turns covered in week 1 of the course:

Saccar el agua al posso (take the water from the well)

Arriba y abajo (basic forwards and back step)

Arriba (forward in Leader’s direction) Example (at 0.19 mins)

Abajo (backwards in Leader’s direction) Example (at 0.16 mins and called “Tiempo Espana Abajo)

A fuera y al dentro Example (at 0.38 mins and called “Paseala”)

Exhibela (Exhibit her) Example (at 0.42 and called “Sacala”)

Dile que no Example

Guapea (rueda circle basic step)

Dame (give me) Example

Dame dos (give me two) Example

Dame tres (give me three)

[Dame] Una con una (one with one – dame with a clap on 1)

[Dame] Dos con dos (two with two – dame dos with two claps on 1,2)

[Dame] Tres con tres (three with three – dame tres with three claps on 1,2,3)

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Cuban dance video tutorial Beginners.

Salsa takes a lot of forms, LA, new york, miami, some with quite different timings and a host of different leads / styles and moves. So when looking for salsa videos on the internet, it can be quite confusing, as often the style isn’t clearly defined.

Here is a video on Cuban dance for beginners that encapsulates true cuban style of salsa. Minimal back steps and weight transfer, moving forwards, encircling each other, body movements.  It’s spoken in  spanish with strong cuban accent, but the words are the same: adelante y atrás is forwards and backwards, en el lugar is on-the-spot, and crusado is opening-out.

The skill in teaching cuban salsa is in breaking down the steps while connecting them into a real groove that can be dance on the dance floor. This video will complement your cuban-salsa adventures beautifully.

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